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I am a MN state licensed family home childcare with Christian values and beliefs.  Here your child is able to play, learn and explore under care, guidance and unconditional love.

My Story


    Hello, my name is Tammy Zenner.  I am a children’s book author, but more importantly, I am the proud owner and operator of Tammy’s Little Sprouts family home childcare.  Aside from God and family, there is no other that has my heart more than children. I have many years’ experience with children, starting with my own children who are now all grown and have children of their own.

    When my children were young,  I was a licensed daycare provider and had my home daycare business for several years.  Since then, I have worked with special needs children as their PCA, which I now take pride and joy in seeing them nearly all grown up.  Being I have a heart for God and children, I was blessed and honored to teach preschoolers for Sunday school at a church I attended in Minnesota.  I love to teach! My teaching strategy is to make it fun!  When children have fun learning, they develop a passion to learn which they will carry throughout their lives.   

    My journey since then brought my husband, Rick, and I to the wonderful neighboring state of South Dakota.  There, Rick and I were licensed foster care providers.  We did long term care for a while, then transitioned to Respite Care for kiddos on the weekends, which benefits other foster care providers giving them a break along with the kiddos having a fun time away.

   As my journey continues where my heart leads, I was the owner operator of Tammy’s Little Sprouts family home childcare registered through the state of South Dakota.  Running my daycare there filled nearly every spot in my heart except a big one, family. We were too far from our kids and grandchildren, so we moved back to MN to be near them. 

Since being back in MN, I have been nannying for a wonderful family, yet have realized this is not enough for me.  I have too much heart, skills and energy for one.  This made me decide to open a home daycare again.  Now, I am licensed by Sherburne County as a Class C2 provider. I am also a part of the CACFP (food program) which ensures your child will get healthy meals and shacks which I enjoy providing.  I am CPR/ first aid certified. I have ECE training which will continue to grow as I pursue to seek to be the best I can for your child. 

    If you are interested in learning more about me or my registered home childcare, please reach out to me. I look forward to meeting you and your precious little one.  🙂 

My Philosophy

I believe that every child in my home childcare has the right to be respected, the right to explore and dream, the right to have their gifts recognized and valued the right to be nurtured, cared for, and receive unconditional love, and the right to be themselves, who God created them to be. The children in my care will have the opportunity to learn through play and exploration through our toddler and preschool programmed activities as well as through free play and imagination led activities.

I believe in the importance of working together with the parents to provide the highest quality of care for their child. It is my role and goal to support every child’s developmental stages, encourage all milestones, create a warm and welcoming environment, and encourage warm, responsive, and respectful relationships.

Helping Your Child…

Play-Learn-Grow by

Exploring, Talking, Thinking, Trying, Imagining, Daydreaming, Inventing, Risk Taking, Giving, Sharing, Making Choices, Working, Relaxing, Challenging, Turn Taking, Pausing, Running, Climbing, Skipping, Jumping, Shouting, Whispering, Singing, Making Friends, Being Yourself, Being Someone Else, Role Playing, Acting, Caring, Negotiating, Reading, Writing, Counting, Measuring, Trying Things Out, Feeling, Leading, Storytelling, Building, Laughing, Smiling, Learning.


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